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Eugen - electrician and baker.


An electrician by trade, Eugen found his passion for baking in the summer of 2009 when his wife and daughter found out they could no longer tolerate gluten. He wanted nothing more than to provide for his family, and so he sought out to make a gluten free bread, worthy of being called bread.


A recipe perfected over 12 years and a passion and joy that is constantly growing, Eugen the electrician, became Eugen the baker.


He hopes his bread brings you joy.


What those who have tasted have to say about our bread.

Joy for Bread gluten free bakery is literally “the best thing since sliced bread.”  As a bread aficionado and non-gluten free guy, his baked goods are some of the best I’ve ever had.  Makes a guy think seriously about swearing off gluten for good.  Try it, you’ll love it.    

- Robert Smith 

Gino’s breads and buns are the best!  No more “sawdust” bread for me!  For many of us gluten free isn’t a choice.  It’s difficult to find really good gluten free bread, but Gino has taken it to a new level of wonderful.  Thank you Gino!

- Lynn Ruppe Smith

A loaf and two bagguettes
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